We design analytical devices to automate the quality control of industrial products.
Although we have developed devices for various sectors (food industry - among others), our specialty is in the petrochemical field.

To our credit, we have designed about thirty different types of analysis equipment, both in the production line and in the laboratory version.
These machines have been fully developed and designed by us (mechanical, electronics, wiring and programming) and all meet the ASTM certification standard.
With our experience, several large oil companies have commissioned us for custom designs.



Automatic blender controlled by PLC or PC, with or without burettes, available in mode Gravity or in mode Pumps, according to selected model.
Methods conform: ASTM D2699, D2700, D2885 and D613.


Acquisition of CFR engine's knock in order to determine octane number.
Methods conform: ASTM D2699 and D2700.



On-Line Automation for Octane Number determination on CFR engines.
Methods conform: ASTM D2699 and D2700.



Automatic analyzer for fuels stability determination.
Methods conform: ASTM D7157.


Four temperature indicators for CFR engine.
Methods conform: ASTM D2699 and D2700.

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