Swiss Innovative Technologies





DPC Ltd. (Diot Process Control) has been based in Swizerland near Neuchâtel since 1992.

We are active in three main areas which are analyzers of petrochemical products, building automation and industrial automation.

The presence of our company at the regional level is of primary importance, that is why we offer a service of quality in the field of energy management. Our specialists treat the energy files, CECB®, MINERGIE® and offer advice on the feasible energy saving.

In the engineering development, DPC Ltd. uses the latest technologies in industry and building. This allows us to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

We use software which are compatible with IEC standards.

Through its products, DPC Ltd. has an active worldwide presence, working with many leading companies in the oil industry. The development and production of the testing equipments for laboratory and online process are among the most advanced on the market and this allows us to attrack a large number of customers.


DPC's philosophy can be summarized in these words: innovation, reactivity and customer's satisfaction.

The aims of DPC Ltd. are clearly set for the years to come: imagination, follow-up of customers, as well as  expansion of activities in Switzerland and the rest of the world, in the fields in which our teams excel.