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Automation of laboratory CFR engines in order to carry out ASTM methods (D2699 ab D2700) according to the official procedure. All functions are automated:

        - Compression ratio control;
        - Cylinder height measurement;
        - Research of maximum knock intensity;
        - Meter reading control (for Standard K.I. adjustment);
        - Knockmeter acquisition;
        - Atmospheric certified sensor (for all models);
        - Automatic compression level;
        - Four tanks products ;
        - Carburetor servoing ;
        - Automatic Detonation Meter.




Octane-Cetane online


Octane apparatus N2885 controls the automation of the operation of a CFR engine related to a gasoline blending unit. Motor and Research octane number with CFR engine are made according to the D 2885 method using the technique of the falling level.

The new comparator works in standalone mode using a PLC. ASTM tables are stored in the controller. Comparator configuration can be done through a dedicated PC and / or HMI. MODBUS interface is available as an option.

Principle of control

CFR is feeded alternatively by prototype and sample fuel.

Falling level is measured by a sensor in order to detect maximum knock intensity.

Recording of all the parameters.

Principle of acquisition

The signal of measurement respects the ASTM D 2885 Standard and uses the same signal as the Knock meter, material defined by the Standard.

So the guiding principle of the D 2885 method on which all round robin tests are established, respected and exploited by our N2885 comparator. Confrontation between manual measures and automatic measurement does not present any skew.

Principle of treatment of the signal

Precise calculation of the maximum knock intensity by formulas smoothing average signal.

Five to six minutes by run of comparison between prototype and sample fuel.


D2885       moteur Octane




Analyzer of fuels stability






Automatic mixer for primary reference fuels for Octane and Cetane testing by CFR engines.

Method conforms to: ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700, ASTM D2885 and ASTM D613.


        - Precision of 0.02ml or 0.02g;
        - Suppression of the errors of the operator;
        - Simple handling;
        - Improves the precision of the results Octane and Cetane;
        - Laser detection led by engine of precision;
        - Balance precision for the measurement by gravity;
        - Followed analyses of production.

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