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For more than 25 years, DPC S.A. installs and develops applications, testing apparatus and projects in the petrochemical field. These are the principal industrial fields of activity:

        - Chemical;
        - Petrochemical;
        - Pharmaceutical;
        - Building (building managment).

Here are some examples of our achievements:

        - Revamping control cabinet;
        - Regulation installation;
        - supervision;
        - PLCs;
        - analysers;
        - ...

You can find more pictures examples in our gallery page.


Over the years we have practised our skills with PLCs that have not ceased to evolve. As console programming owners, we are now using software programming standards respecting the system for automation developments: IEC 61131-3 (CoDeSys).

Librarys of dedicated elements (for example HEVAC) are also used today. These help us to minimise development time and achieve programming pages which can be treated by maintenance people and are userfriendly.

Our aim is to favour transparency with our customers. This is why, we deliver source codes at the end of our projects.

Working in many businesses has given us flexibility in the choice of our PLC suppliers. Here are some of our provider:

        - Schneider Electric
        - Saia PCD
        - Hima
        - Honeywell
        - National Instrument
        - Moeller
        - ABB
        - etc...



Only some of our development products are in our « Products page ».

In a few words, these are parts that we have developed:

        - Development and conception of electronic boards for acquiring and
          treating measures.
        - Development and conception of electronic boards for control/command.
        - Statical and mobile mechanics.
        - Method programming in plc.
        - HMI programming.
        - Application programming (in Delphi).

Some international customers using our analyzers:

        - Shell
        - BP
        - Total
        - Exxon Mobil
        - Tamoil
        - Petroplus
        - etc...

ASTM methodes that we have developed:

        - D2500 Cloud point
        - D97 Pour point.
        - D2386 Freezing point.
        - D6371 Cold filter plugging point.
        - D2885 Octane number online.
        - D613 Cetane number.
        - D2700 & D2699 Octane number.
        - D7157 Asphaltenes stability.

We have developed many Online analyzers conform to ATEX standards (relative to dangerous areas).



We also master industrial regulation with the following techniques: Pneumatics / Digital electronics / Analogical electronics / PLC.
Cascade PID control, parallel, with priorities and daily schedule are commonplace for us.

Some process examples that have been controlled by us:

        - Distilation column.
        - Refinery furnace.
        - Heat exchanger.
        - Clean room .
        - Monobloc ventilation.
        - Temperature steps for analyzers.
        - Hot air bath .
        - etc...





Besides numerous HMI applications using web touch panels, we have participated in the project of the replacement of the EPFL's supervision. It involves about 100'000 tags spread over 50 buildings. Implementing so large on system requires extraordinary rigour and thoroughness in all respects. After this experience, we can say that SUPERVISION is an integral part of our skills.

Also among our assets, is the installation of HEVAC supervision for the la Chaux-de-Fonds Hospital (about 15'000 tags).

You will find many synoptic examples of supervision in our gallery page .


We use ControlMaestro product by Elutions. It is also with the offical distributor of Switzerland: Emation, that we have a very close and smooth cooperation.

The most important advantages of this products are:

- Connectivity: with more than 160 communication drivers in native mode, you connect it with near 100% of plcs. As well: OPC, ODBC, BACNET, SQL, etc...
- Mobility: This software was developed to be directly web compatible. This means that in a few mouse clicks, your complete application is automatically ready in web format. ControlMaestro had also a PDA tool and M2M solutions.
- Flexibility: You will find a CM-PLC module which is a programming PLC tool (IEC 61131-3 compatible).
- Development: API tool compatible with Delphi and C++ on Windows server 2008.
- Security: Possibility to implemante biometrical module.
- Drawing: DXF module conversion.
- Traceability: In compliance with FDA 21 CFR 11 standards.
- etc...


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Electrical drawings

We are drawing all our Electrical Drawings using the best tool currently on the market: EPLAN.


This software with high engineering level, has allowed us to develop our own "macros" in order to minimise our production time.
This tool offers a lot of advantages for the final customer as well:

        - Automatic forms generation:
          Articles list, cables list, terminals design etc..
        - Construction plan.
        - "PDF" automatic generation (with navigation link).
        - Articles management / multinational symbols
          for all users (WebDataPortal).
        - According standard IEC81346.
        - Etc..

With more than 10 years experience, our draftsmen excel in using this software and aim at satisfying our customers .




Below is a list of some applications and special projects that we haverealised. This will highlight our skills:

        - Automatisation loading docks for trucks and wagons (petrochemical).
        - Programming security plcs for atmospheric distillation unit and desulfurization unit.
        - Programming security and sequential plc for polymerisation of polynaphta reactor.
        - Management of clean room access right in sas, with humidity, pressure
          and temperature control.
        - Revamping control/command cabinet for ventilation monobloc.
        - Development of an explosive gaz detection mobile unit (ATEX).
        - Sequential program for a catalytic unit.
        - Implanting massive supervision.
        - Development and conception of online and laboratory analyzers.
        - Programming of PLCs network for pipeline management.
        - But also a lot of building management.
        - We are also giving quality training in instrumentation, regulation, programming,
          electricity, pneumatics, etc...
        - etc...

Below, some of our customers :

        - Analytecon
        - CSEM
        - EPFL
        - Fisher Clinical
        - Geistlich Pharma
        - Hôpital Neuchâtelois
        - Mathys
        - Metalor
        - Myonic
        - OJNSA
        - Petroplus Refining Cressier
        - Temex
        - Valtronic
        - EM Microelectronic (Swatch Group)
        - Ville de Neuchâtel
        - Institut agricole de l'Etat de Fribourg
        - etc...